Dream Sequences 1 & 2
(7″) (Illusive IVE-1; also as 10″, no extra tracks IVEX-1) 08/8







Pauline Murray & The Invisible Girls

LP (Illusive 2394 277; later Dreamland 2394277) 09/80

Uncut Magazine 50 greatest lost albums






Mister X / Two Shots (7″) (Illusive Records IVE-2) 11/80

Searching For Heaven / Animal Crazy (7″) (Illusive IVE-3) 04/81

Searching For Heaven / Animal Crazy / Visitor (additional track) (10″)
(Illusive IVEX-3) 04/81

Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls CD (Griffin Music CD GCD-427-2)

Pauline Murray & Storm
Holocaust / Don’t give up
(Polestar PSTR-001) 11/84 PSTR-12001

New Age / Body Music
(Polestar PSTR-003; also as 12″, no extra tracks PSTR-12003) 11/86
New Age b/w Archangel/Body Music 7” and 12” (PSTR12 003)







Pauline Murray and the Saint
Hong Kong
(12″)( tracks: Close Watch / All I Want // Body Music / Holocaust; Polestar PSTR-12002) 02/87

Pauline Murray solo works
This Thing Called Love // Mr Money / Pressure Zone 12″
(Cat&Mouse Records ABBO-9T) 05/89

Storm Clouds LP (Cat & Mouse EFA 08-17520) -89






Stormclouds is available on vinyl 12″
Click HERE

Halloween 2000 limited edition CD
Includes ‘Stand For The Fire Demon’, Night Of The Vampire’,
‘Creature With The Atom Brain’ (PSTR CD 002 )

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